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Justin Trudeau

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Re-Elected on May 2nd, 2011 as Member of Parliament for Papineau, Justin Trudeau advances in his political career fighting for Canadian values, to bring forth a new perspective on the interactions between government and citizens, and to help Canada be a model for the world.

Since arriving in Parliament, Justin has passionately advocated for greater political participation by Canada’s youth, while simultaneously arguing for more government action to help young Canadians become better prepared in a more competitive, globalized world. But more than just empowering young people, Justin pushes fellow community and political leaders to discover the importance of our youth and realize that their new ideas, opinions, and contributions are critical to Canada’s progress. Indeed, his role as Liberal Party Critic for Youth, Post Secondary Education and Amateur Sports, flows directly from his work chairing the 2006 youth task force of the Liberal Party Renewal Commission, from his chairing from 2002 to 2006 of Katimavik, Canada’s National Youth Service program, as well as from his work as a high school teacher for five years prior to that.

Another of Justin’s major concerns is how we care for the planet that sustains us. In his years before politics he worked with various environmental groups dedicated to the protection of our Canadian wilderness, supplementing his activism with graduate work in environmental geography at McGill University. For Justin, investing in youth, diversity and the environment are the best ways to ensure our country’s long-term prosperity.


Justin Trudeau
Member of Parliament, Papineau

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