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Today students and young leaders from Canada, the United States, Finland, Kenya, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan, gathered to celebrate Global Dignity Day with a good old-fashioned virtual Acadian kitchen party.

More than one hundred locations of students participated in the event via the YouTube live-stream.

“The voices of our living ecosystems led by future generations rising together in a quest for shared dialogue and harmony; this, to me, is the sound of global dignity and today, we start to orchestrate it together, as one family,”

Tara Baswani

“Our international Canadian kitchen party celebrated three things: music, food and dignity,” said Terry Godwaldt, Global Dignity National Event Chair, Executive Director for The Center for Global Education and lead singer of the east coast Fiddle Street Band. “These are three life forces that flow through every human. Sustaining us, nourishing us and binding all of humanity as a family.”

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